ECOVACS DEEBOT X2 OMNI Robot Vacuum And Spinning Mop With Automatic Mop

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The ECOVACS DEEBOT X2 OMNI robot cleaner is a giant leap forward for robot vacuums. This robot vacuum cleaner has a slimmer square-shaped design that offers better edge cleaning, cornering, and maneuvering under low clearance areas and around obstacles. Add in automatic mop lifting and enhanced learning capability, and you’ll quickly discover why it’s able to go where no robot vacuum has gone before. Automatic mop lifting provides seamless switching between carpet and hard floors, so you can clean more of your home with just a single robot vacuum. This vacuum mop’s powerful 8,000 PA suction power means even small debris won’t escape its cleaning power. The industry-first dual-laser LiDAR navigation is fully enclosed into the body of the DEEBOT. This gives the DEEBOT X2 OMNI a sleek low profile along with faster mapping, quicker responsiveness, and greater cleaning accuracy. When your floors are sparkling clean, your robot vacuum and mop returns to its OMNI station to empty the dustbin, wash its mop with hot water, and dry it with hot air. Keeping your floors, and your to-do list, clean.
  • Automatic robot floor cleaner with automatic mop lifting that vacuums and mops
  • New square-shaped and slim design with built-in edge detection to deliver edge-to-edge cleanliness
  • Brand-new automatic robot vacuum mop lifting delivers seamless, continuous cleaning between hard floors and carpets and uses a high-efficiency filter that removes 99% of microscopic dust and allergens
  • The first floor cleaner robot to contain a dual-laser LiDAR sensor, allowing it to meticulously map your home faster and with greater accuracy, a lower profile, and system protection from dust
  • Mop and vacuum cleaner features a maximum suction power of 8000Pa—more than 5x the strength of most standard robot vacuum cleaners—and an upgraded rubber brush with spiraling blades for effective agitation
  • Dynamically avoids obstacles with greater flexibility and smoother movements using its AIVI  3D 2.0 system
  • OZMO  Turbo pressurized spinning mop offers premium scrubbing capability, giving your floors a better clean than flat and vibrating mops
  • AIVI  3D 2.0 system combines an AI processor, camera vision, and 3D laser depth scanning to automatically identify, recognize, and clean within an inch of obstacles as small as 2 inches in height
  • Includes YIKO 2.0 Built-in Voice Assistance and a 6,400 mAh battery that runs up to 145 minutes on a single charge, app control features like scheduling, and hands-free control with Google Assistant or Alexa
  • The more the DEEBOT Vacuum runs, the smarter it gets, meaning it cleans more efficiently with each pass