All American Pressure Cooker Canner for Home Stovetop Canning

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All American Pressure Cooker Canner for Home Stovetop Canning, USA Made for Gas or Electric Stoves, 41.5 quarts. Pressure canning is the only method recommended safe by the U.S.D.A. for low-acid foods such as vegetables, meats and fish.No matter how high you turn up the heat, boiling water cannot surpass 212 degrees F (even lower at high altitudes). Our High-Quality Pressure Canners bring jar temperatures up to 250 degrees F at just 15 lbs sq. in. Simple and safe to use.Exclusive metal-to-metal seal withstands more pressure than gasketed seals, too. Sides are .25″ thick. Bottoms are even thicker and machined for perfect surface-to-surface heat transfer. All cast aluminum for generations of use.Simple and safe to use so there is no need for close supervision since pressure cannot exceed setting (5, 10 or 15 lbs). Over-pressure plug acts as back-up. Stay-cool bakelite handles, easy-to-read pressure gauge and detailed owner’s manual with recipes and canning hints.
  • This stovetop pressure cooker/canner offers an easy solution for home canning. The USDA recommends pressure canning as the only safe way to can meat, vegetables & fruits.
  • The exclusive, precision machined, metal-to-metal sealing system features clamping locks that form a steam-tight seal without any costly-to-replace gaskets
  • Features an easy-to-read steam gauge, an easy-to-clean satin finish, and a precision machined regulator weight for accurate pressure control.
  • Built to last in the USA by a family-owned company focused on quality manufacturing above all else
  • 41.5 quart cast aluminum canner holds approximately 32 pint jars or 19 quart jars